In a remarkable effort, students raised $12,000 for homeless people in their area.

Students Raised $12,000 For HomelessAt Sutterville Elenemtary, students met a formerly homeless woman, and realized that she did not fit their idea of what a homeless person looks like.  She inspired them to start a fundraising drive for the group that found her a home.

The student perspective on what homelessness looked like changed with that effort. Students used to think that most homeless people where like those they saw in the street, asking for money, pushing belongings in a grocery cart, and sleeping in public.

At the end of the fundraising drive, the students donated nearly $12,000 to Family Promise of Sacramento.

The organization offers emergency housing for homeless families, and financial assistance.  According to executive director Marsha Spell, the speaker changed the students’ perspective on homelessness.

“They were shocked,” she said, to learn that a homeless person often “looks just like everybody else.”

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Students Raised $12,000 For Homeless