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Compassion is Free

At one summer camp, in addition to cooking and computers, compassion is free and is an important part of camp activities. Compassion Camp is not your typical day camp.  For one thing, it is free.  For another, it is focused on empowering kids who have been bullied,...

Students Program Robots for Social Interaction

Helping fifth and sixth graders learn math is one of the results of having Yale students program robots for social interaction. At Yalesville School, a student entered an answer to a math problem on a computer tablet. Sitting on the table next to him was a small blue...

Writing a “Letter to Me”

Writing a “Letter to Me” is an intriguing task that students at one elementary school have enjoyed for ten years. The fourth graders are not only intrigued with writing the letter, but they also treasure receiving it in the mail when they graduate. Teacher...

Genetic Influence on Intelligence

A recent study has examined the genetic influence on intelligence, and the results concerning academic aptitude are surprising. Usually, most parents and teachers assume that children will discover more of a natural flair for writing, or science, or math, or reading....

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