A summer camp for incoming freshmen allowed students a bright view of the future at the Career and Technical Center in Porter County.

A Bright View of the Future at the Career and Technical CenterFor four hours a day, incoming freshmen were shown what opportunities would be available to them with hard work. They participated in four popular classes: Electronics, Computer-Aided Design, Machining, and Video Productions. They had an opportunity in each class to try something that is done in the program during the year, and produced some interesting creations.

Each student was able to take home a movie trailer, engraved ruler, and solar powered light that they had worked on. Some of the students had decided to make their movie trailer a sports comedy, and greatly enjoyed filming and working with their groups.

The emphasis was on learning skills that students will use with future employment, and showing them how school can be part of their career path. They also experienced team building, and being part of a community, skills that are essential for classroom success.


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A Bright View of the Future at the Career and Technical Center