A group of young history students experienced a journey through Antietam in a personal way during a session of the Extreme Journey Summer Camp.

A Journey Through Antietam26 middle school students toured Antietam National Battlefield, and learned about the bloodiest battle of the Civil War before a fun time tubing down Antietam Creek.

The goal of the Leesburg, Virginia camp is to teach students about leadership throughout history, and make them aware of what makes a good leader today. They have an opportunity to travel, explore historical sites, and hone their multimedia skills.

While at the battlefield, the campers learned how to fire cannons, and learned about leaders of the Civil War. According to history teacher Melanie Battistelli, the trip gave the students a “taste of what life might have” been during that time.

“My favorite part is the experiential learning,” she said. “They just marched down here like real soldiers had to do. It just gives them a taste of what life might have sort of been like during the Civil War. (The camp) is focused on the Civil War, but we also touch on the world wars.”

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