A new app connects teens to social services, and is helping homeless youngsters find shelter and crisis help.

App Connects Teens to Social ServicesIn the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, a collaboration between a business and a nonprofit organization has resulted in a new web application to help young people connect to social service agencies. It also helps families receive services connected to teens faster.

At the Youth Services Network, a collaboration of a dozen nonprofits, the development of the app is welcome. “This puts the resources right in the hands of the youth who need it, as well as the social ­workers, anybody looking for a youth resource, in one solid format,” said Ali Kier, youth response center supervisor at The Bridge for Youth.

“You’re not going from one Web page to another or making multiple phone calls to see what is available at a time of crisis and it can keep things from escalating. Even if there isn’t a shelter opening or a service available, the user can be notified by text immediately when a bed or a service is available. You don’t have to wait for a phone call. It’s not just youth services, but also parental support that will help the youth and family. There’s a lot of different layers with this tool.”

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App Connects Teens to Social Services