A new pilot program is emphasizing the importance of school attendance in relation to math scores, by offering applied math lessons in summer which feature real life career situations.

Applied Math Lessons in Summer

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The 21 students who were selected for a special program at the Technical Education Center will be attending Port Huron High School this fall. They will participate in the culinary and construction trades programs at the TEC. Two high school algebra teachers will teach them math based on those programs.

The daily applied math lessons are to help students understand that attendance in class makes a big difference in understanding math concepts, according to Port Huron High School principal Mike Palmer. “You’ve got to be in school for every subject, but certainly in math, every day,” he said.

Palmer and Technical Education Center director Pat Yanik share the desire to see kids succeed in high school. “We want to rekindle students’ love for learning. Ideally, we would see their school attendance improve and their algebra comprehension go up,” Yanik said.

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