A group of children found out this summer that comic books help kids build literacy skills – especially when they write and illustrate them.

Comic Books Help Kids Build Literacy SkillsAt Camp Chronicle, nine Missoula adolescents had a lot of fun creating their stories, and eating pizza, while improving their reading and writing skills.

“He’s been making comics at home for years and selling them,”said 11 year old Kaden Midgett’s mom, Kelly. Most of Kaden’s previous comics had been sold to family and co workers. She found that signing him up for camp, even if it was really schoolwork, was easier than expected. “He loves camp. He’s engaged,” she said.

Kaden was introduced to the camp by Tony Gregori, a professional comic book artist whom he met at a comic book store. Gregori told him about his work with Camp Chronicle, and Kaden was interested.

The camp is the brainchild of assistant professor Ginger Collins in the University of Montana’s Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders. “I didn’t know anything about comics books myself, but I knew that that was something highly motivating for that age group,” she said.

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Comic Books Help Kids Build Literacy Skills