Community involvement and solid funding is helping teachers develop innovative programs as creative summer classes slow the summer slide.

Creative Summer Classes Slow the Summer SlideSummer classes were trimmed down to just remedial classes, and then trimmed further during the recession.  But this year, there is a fresh effort to appeal to a broader group of students, and keep learning fresh and alive over summer vacation.

Several schools in the Modesto area have engaged teachers to design classes that would attract students. “Summer school is no longer just for kids who are struggling,” said Robert Serrato, Ceres Unified summer school coordinator.

At Ceres Unified, teachers planned their own classes with a $200 budget, showing how each topic supported student writing skills. The supplies were bought by the district in a bulk purchase.

“Ceres was very committed to making sure these opportunities were there. We know there is a summer brain drain,” Serrato said. A majority of CEREs students are from low income families, and the summer slide affects low income kids more than other groups.

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Creative Summer Classes Slow the Summer Slide