Although many girls think of it as a field for men only, Facebook is working to get more women in cybersecurity.

Facebook is Working to Get More Women in CybersecurityA weeklong summer camp at Facebook changed the minds of young female students. “Mostly boys do fixing,” said Natalie Valencia, a fifth grade student at Lairon College Preparatory Academy in San Jose. “Now I thought about it, and I know it’s for girls, too.”

More than 3o middle school girls learned about cyberethics, internet security, malware, and much more at the Facebook headquarters. The summer camp program is a joint effort with several nonprofits and San Jose State University.

According to the National Science Foundation, only one of every ten employed scientists and engineers are minority women.

“There’s not a lot of diverse candidates in the field, so that’s why we’re investing in the kind of longer-term efforts like this,” said Michael McGrew, a Facebook ecurity engineer who runs the company’s security education program.

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