Family Activities: Weekly Trips

Family Activities Improve Learning Skills-Prevent the Mid-Summer Slide!July is the perfect time for family activities that improve learning skills. Now I’m not talking about a bunch of book work here. No, I’m talking about fun family activities! Most of you are already doing this…taking your kids to lots of places where they are seeing nature, museums, the beach, even the movie theater. There is one more step however, that will really make a difference in your children’s learning skills!

Field Trips with a Twist Improve Learning Skills

Now this is the important part…After getting home from your weekly trip, talk about it: what was the first thing you did, second thing, third, and last thing you did. Then, write those down as well as what your favorite part was. Draw some pictures of what you saw. Add photos too. You can use the graphic organizers in Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills to make this really easy.

Then compile this into a family scrapbook.

Trip Suggestions

A local historic site

Your local nursery

A state park

Family Activities: Nature Activities/AdventuresFamily Activities Improve Learning Skills-Prevent the Mid-Summer Slide!

Notice Your Surroundings

Go to an outdoor spot in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. Notice everything you can about the surroundings. What is the same, what has changed? Make a list each time and compare them.

Family shape hike

See how many geometric shapes you can find while outside. How many triangle shapes, diamond shapes, square shapes, circle shapes, sphere shapes?

Make a list. After making the list, see how many of them are pointy? How many of them are soft?

Family Activities: Summer Webinar Replay

Bonnie talks about different activities you can do that improve learning skills during the Give Your Child an Academic Edge with Summer Fun with Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET Webinar —

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