In an effort to encourage students to experience a variety of options, foreign language offerings are expanding to include Arabic and Japanese in Michigan’s South Redford School District.

Foreign Language Offerings Are Expanding to Include ArabicThe district is also looking into a plan to extend foreign language studies to all students from kindergarten through 12th grade. “As we move forward, we are looking at what is in the best interest of our students,” schools Superintendent Brian Galdes said.

Galdes says that he wants students to have the best opportunities, and foreign languages help with future career paths.

Currently, middle and high school students have a choice of taking Chinese or Spanish.  German is also available for high school students.  Some of the elementary schools offer Chinese and Spanish as well. American Sign Language can be a choice to fulfill the foreign language requirement. Students can fulfill the foreign language requirement with two credits that are taken at any time during grades K-12

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Foreign Language Offerings Are Expanding to Include Arabic