A district is considering swapping school start times, with a later start for high schools and an earlier time for elementary students.

Later Start For High Schools and Earlier Time for ElementaryIn Seattle, high schools and middle schools should start later than they do now, according to an advisory committee that is figuring out how to create a schedule that accommodates sleep needs of students. But elementary schools should start 90 minutes earlier.

The recommendations would take effect in fall 2016 at the earliest, at an approximate cost of $3 million for busing.

“For maximizing academic achievement, health and safety, and equitable access to educational opportunities, improving school-start times may be the most cost-effective investment the district can make,” the committee wrote.

Several organizations back the time changes, including the Seattle Council PTSA, the Seattle Education Association, and Seattle School Nurses Association. Concerns remain about changing schedules and how after school activities will be accommodated.

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