Middle school students had an opportunity to experience life at the Governor’s School for Science and Technology in Roanoke, Virginia.

Life at The Governor's SchoolFor three weeks, middle school students froze marshmallows with liquid nitrogen, exploded balloons filled with hydrogen, and spattered fake blood.

Chemistry teacher Mark Frazier worked with the seventh graders at the camp. “A lot of this stuff is just a preview,” he said.

19 rising seventh graders and 17 rising eighth graders attended the camp, which was free to participants picked by their school districts.

Math teacher Laura Roark said a major goal was to improve technology skills among students in addition to the hands on experiments they conducted.  They learned to use Excel and create spreadsheets analyzing their results.

“Everybody comes in at a different level of knowledge,” Roark said. “Every time you show them something new, they’re like, ‘wow,’ and they’ll never forget it.”

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Life at The Governor's School