Old strategies for social activism are new again, as students discover the art of making signs to support teen activism.

Signs to Support Teen ActivismTeens stopped texting and tweeting for an afternoon to use a fluid communication means – tempera paint.

“I’m just spreading awareness so everyone knows it’s an issue,” said Stowe High School student Laura Glanz.  She was painting the words “Hungry for Change” on cardboard. “Then you take the step to do something about it — although I’m not sure what that is yet”

In Vermont, the Governor’s Institute on Current Issues & Youth Activism  assembled 50 Green Mountain teens to the Brattleboro Campus of World Learning. Instructors offered a quick course on the use and durability of the protest sign, and the teens were ready to paint some political statements.

For ten days, students participated in classes in politics, policy and public service.

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