A desire to help Spanish speaking students become more comfortable with the flow of the English language has led a college writing tutor to help students become more comfortable speaking Spanish and English with Conversation Circles.  Students and members of the public can attend the circles and improve their conversational skills, growing more comfortable with the language.

Speaking Spanish and English with Conversation CirclesAt Florida International University, Carlos Borges is one of the most experienced writing tutors at Florida International University’s Center for Excellence in Writing. “Thanks to him, I can write a paper,” said Sharon Ochotorrena, one of his students, “After several sessions, I learned how to develop a story and edit my own papers.”

After more than 20 years as a tutor, Borges started to lead “conversation circles” in English. “Writing helps a person speak better and speech helps the person write better,” said Borges, born in Miami of Cuban parents.

Because of the success of the circles, the Center has opened Spanish language Conversation Circles as well, so that students can become comfortable conversing and writing in two languages.

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