There is new work in determining kindergarten readiness, especially in low income areas, as support teams assist teachers in providing stability in early learning to even the most difficult of youngsters.

Stability in Early LearningTeachers at Brighter DayCare and Preschool preschool in the St Louis area were perplexed and exasperated with a four year old boy who was more than they could handle. He had significant problems sharing and completing tasks. He preferred to play alone and was always on the move.

“They were ready to have him out of their class,” said Sharon Williams, director of Brighter DayCare.

He seemed to be likely to begin kindergarten behind his peers in his ability to take turns, communicate or manage emotions.  This is a problem that is identified within the Normandy school system and other high poverty districts.

This year, Brighter DayCare and two other preschools were able to have two early learning specialists spend 20 hours a week at each center, screening children for delays. They catch those delays and work with the children to overcome those challenges before entering school.  They also offer staff and parents solutions to disruptive behavior.

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Stability in Early Learning