In a complete immersion of the sociology of where they live, students are studying gentrification to learn full neighborhood history of their local communities.

Students are Studying Gentrification To Learn Neighborhood HistoryAt Denver’s Manual High School, students have different experiences with gentrification – some have been among the families moving into a new neighborhood, others have moved out.

“I’ve lived down here my whole life, and I was gentrified three times in high school,” says Eijah Huff. He is planning to depart his home for Fort Lewis College in Durango, where he has a full scholarship. As he is hoping to become a pastor, he may return to the neighborhood, but wonders if he will fit in after college.  For that matter, he wonders what will await him when he returns at Christmas.

Home for Huff is Denver’s Whittier neighborhood, a rapidly gentrifying area. His grandmother, aunt, and cousins all attended Manual High School, where The Gentrification Project originated. Students in the Advanced Placement Human Geography class explore the patterns of migration in their communities by interviewing their families and neighbors.

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