Students honored at a White House State dinner were delighted to enjoy centerpieces made of brussels sprouts. They also dined on green smoothies and were encouraged to eat with their fingers.

FStudents Honored at White House State Dinner

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55 young guests who won a nationwide healthy recipe contest were invited to the special dinner, and had a sit down meal with the President and First Lady.

The contest was intended to promote First Lady Michelle Obama’s efforts to end childhood obesity.  The winners were chosen from nearly 1000 entries. Recipes had titles such as “Deliciousness over Rice” and “Secret Service Pizza Delight.”  There was even a healthy taco dish called “Barack-amole”.

President Barack Obama stopped by to surprise the students. He encouraged them to spread their healthy habits to their peers.

“The truth is that parents, it turns out, don’t always have the most influence,” he said. “What really helps is when their friends at school are all like, ‘You’re having chips? I’m sorry, I’m having the Barack-amole”.


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