Writing a “Letter to Me” is an intriguing task that students at one elementary school have enjoyed for ten years. The fourth graders are not only intrigued with writing the letter, but they also treasure receiving it in the mail when they graduate.

Writing a "Letter to Me"Teacher Lynne Boissin came up with the idea when she returned to William Penn Elementary School in 2005, having once been a student there herself.  She found that there were many things she remembered, but her perspective had changed now that she was an adult.

“Everything looks smaller now … the stage really isn’t that high,” laughed Boissin.

As part of a letter writing assignment, students were instructed to write a letter to themselves. They were to include their favorite foods, pets, plans for future education, and best friends. They must write in complete sentences. They address the letters, and put them inside a file cabinet. The letters are then mailed to them when they graduate.

“I was trying to figure with my first class something to send to them when they graduated,” Boissin said. “The ultimate goal was for the students to learn how to write a friendly letter.”

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