Using an app to improve education often presents teachers and educators with the challenge of balancing technology with learning.

Balancing Technology with LearningGlacier Ridge Elementary School Assistant Principal Anastasia Gruper was evaluating the use of Edmodo, an app offering school safe social networks for teachers and students.  She didnt believe it improved students’ learning experiences.

“If you don’t have collaboration, and you throw kids on Edmodo, and they don’t know how to respond to each other and build off of one another’s ideas, then it doesn’t enhance it,” she said. “Actually, I think it impedes it. I think it makes it a worse learning environment.”

Gruper has found that it can be challenging to help children and teachers find the balance between technology, subject knowledge, and critical thinking, and shared these ideas with a group of administrators, teachers, and technology specialists known as iCoaches.

“Sometimes I wonder can technology increase alienation if they prefer to work through a technological means, would they then not be able to handle group collaboration face to face?” North Elementary School Principal Steve Scarfe said. “I think teachers have a lot of responsibility to try to work both sides of that.”

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