A group of lucky students this year is discovering that the Gifted Academy is a school experience like no other.

Gifted Academy Is A School Experience Like No Other300 students will attend the Gifted Academy, a new venture of Columbus City Schools. 10 year old Lauren Long started her first day of school with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.

“I was kind of wary because I wasn’t going to know almost anybody here,” Long said. “But I just really eventually wanted to come here, because I thought it would be a better learning experience, because I would be with kids at my pace and I wouldn’t be bored in the classroom.”

The school serves third through eighth graders, who had to test as gifted in general intelligence or in both math and reading. Part of the day will be spend in the classroom, and the rest will be spent offsite, working with partners such as the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium and the Columbus Museum of Art.

The new academy replaces the district’s gifted program for third through fifth graders that was previously in 19 schools, and adds the first gifted program in the district for middle schoolers.

“We knew that there was a lot of demand for some services similar to that for middle-schoolers, and we had just never ventured down that road before,” said Colleen Boyle, supervisor of gifted and talented programs. “So this was a great opportunity to try that.”

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