It may be bad news for boys, but research is showing that girls perform better academically when taught by female teachers.

Girls Perform Better Academically When Taught By Female TeachersData complied by two Texas A&M economists show that girls outperform male counterparts in tests and graduation rates, and that they do even better when women are their teachers. And the biggest change is for scores in math when girls are taught by a woman instead of a male teacher.

The standardized test scores of over 14,000 South Korean middle school students were analyzed by Jonathan Meer and Jaegum Lim. The results showed that when the teacher was a woman, girls cores were on average almost 10% of a standard deviation higher than boys. They also discovered that when students switched from a male to female math teacher, girls’ scores rose by 8.5 % compared to boys.

The results indicated that the girls outperformed male students by approximately a third of a school year when they were taught by female teacher instead of male teacher, according to Meer. Findings of a previous study argued that a 1% difference in standard deviation represented about 10 days of school.

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