How effective is blended learning?  Many educators are finding that while blending technology with traditional teaching is a step in the right direction, the results on standardized tests show only modest gains.

How Effective is Blended Learning?According to the National Education Policy Center, test scores don’t reflect big gains.  However, many educators believe that the benefits cannot be measured by tests alone. The effectiveness of blended learning varies from school to school and is an emerging strategy.

Administrators in Miami-Dade and Broward counties say that motivation is important, and technology motivates students. However, results cannot be measured on a spreadsheet. “It’s not quantifiable for us in Broward yet,” said Guy Barmoha, director of math, science and gifted for Broward County Public Schools.

However, Barmoha believes that blended learning is the right way to go.

“Everyday life is a blended environment. You don’t do everything face to face,” he said. “You do things online, at your own pace. If we don’t give students the same type of situation in their learning environment right now, we’re doing them a disservice.”

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