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A new innovation lab is a maker space at a middle school and teachers are preparing equipment and plans for students.

Innovation Lab is a Maker Space

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At Graham Middle School, the new innovation lab doesn’t have much equipment, but there are still big plans. “We are ready now because you don’t need all that stuff to ‘make,’” said Dayson Pasion, a teacher who is one of the founders of the lab. “Right now we’re using a hodgepodge of equipment; teachers are bringing their own cameras and tripods.”

The lab is set up in two unused classrooms.  One of the first tasks seventh graders tackled was to work on videos in the maker space about the “12 powerful words” that often pose difficulties in standardized test questions.  These works include “trace,” “analyze,” “infer” and “evaluate.”

Under Pasion’s guidance, students learned to use a tripod, frame a shot, and use a camera more complicated than the one on a phone. The lab currently has two smartboards and a few pieces of other equipment, and will be getting a 3-D printer shortly.

Pasion’s vision of the lab is a maker space for school and community. He envisions community groups such as the Scouts learning about 3-D printing, and people from the community making their skills available to students.

“We have expertise in the community,” Pasion said. “Why couldn’t they teach kids how to solder?”

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Innovation Lab is a Maker Space

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