Recent research has confirmed that many adult health problems start in teen years when teens do not receive proper medical attention.  The study was published August 17 in the journal Pediatrics.

Many Adult Health Problems Start in Teen YearsAccording to the study lead author Dr. Dougal Hargreaves, “Previous research had shown that lack of medical care in this age group is associated with poor health and higher risk behaviors at the time. But, it wasn’t known that these poor health outcomes persisted into adulthood”.  Dr Hargreaves is a pediatrician and health services researcher at University College London, England, and at Boston Children’s Hospital

For the study, data was analyzed from 14,800 participants in the United States over a long term.  Teens first answered questions during the 1994-95 school year.  They were an average of 16 years old when the study started. They responded again in 2008 when they were approximately 30 years old.

“Teenagers have the same broad range of health needs as other age groups,” Hargreaves said. Some of the problems include long term conditions, such as diabetes, epilepsy, or asthma. Other conditions might include skin problems or headaches. The study looked at not meeting the health needs of teens including preventive care and immunizations, and mental health problems

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