Teachers from several school districts working together have discovered that math and science can be taught through art.

Math and Science Can Be Taught Through ArtAt the ArtsCore Colony at the Paine Art Center and Gardens, teachers participated in the Arts Integration through Storytelling program, a partnership between the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh, Paine Art Center and Gardens, and the Chilton Public School District.

The program provides training to educators in an arts integrated approach, using the storytelling theme. Teachers are in their second through fifth year in the profession.

According to ArtsCore coordinator Wendy Strauch-Nelson, arts integration is not new, but is gaining in popularity because research has shown it to be effective.

“So much of the brain research … says that the more we incorporate things like movement and drawing and painting and music and emotions, the better children learn and the better they retain what they learn,” she said.

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