Special education programs are changing to allow for more collaboration between special and general ed teachers.

More Collaboration Between Special and General Ed TeachersIn Roanoke City Public schools, teachers in special education classes will spend more time teaming with core subject instructors.  This is part of the district plan to increase the overall results for student test scores.

Rather than have monthly meetings with other special education teachers, working on curriculum and teaching strategy, they will work with the staff who teach math, English, Social studies, and science.

According to Special Education Director Rita Willis, the change will help both teachers and students.

“I believe that if we give teachers the tools that they need, they can help the students more effectively,” Willis said. “I think it will be absolutely wonderful.”

The change is necessary because students with disabilities are now required to take the Virginia Standards of Learning tests, the same as students without disabilities. Previously, alternative tests were available.

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