After hearing students throughout his 20 year teaching career ask when they would use math in real life, teacher Jeromy Jamison developed a way to have them using real life math to build a canoe.

Using Real Life Math to Build a Canoe“It was interesting. The students learned a lot. I learned a lot,” says math teacher Jeromy Jamison

“I hated abstract theory,” said the Hall-Dale Middle and High School teacher. “I remember being there, but luckily enough I grew up in a family where we were doing construction, building houses and stuff, so I learned how to apply the math.”  Instead of building a house, Jamison and his students built a cedar strip canoe in his Farmingdale classroom.

Jamison obtained more than $2600 in donations to buy the kit for the canoe.  He is now raffling off the 15 foot canoe and putting the money toward a similar project next year.

“We hope to make it perpetual,” Jamison said.

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