10 high school students have completed a project during which they  spent four days viewing the Missouri River like Lewis and Clark and piloting rafts just as they did two centuries ago.

Viewing the Missouri River Like Lewis and Clark“The fact that you get to see and hear about all these historic things about the Lewis and Clark expedition and see firsthand the places they were and the things they experienced — seeing it with your own eyes was pretty awesome,” said Powder River County District High School senior Spencer Noble. “History hasn’t always interested me, but this trip sure broadened my attention — every time we talked about what Lewis and Clark were doing.”

The trip was led by Ella Mae Howard and her husband Michael, a Lewis and Clark expert. She obtained a foundation grant from the Lewis and Clark Heritage Foundation of Great Falls, which funded the educational voyage. It began south of Big Sandy and ended at Judith River.

While paddling the river or sitting around the campfire, students heard the stories about Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, and what they did at various points along the river. They saw the river the way that those earlier explorers saw it, and history had meaning when they encountered the realities of making such a voyage.

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