Having a group of young historians compile local history has enriched a local community and enabled the publication of a book about the heritage of an entire region.

Young Historians Compile Local HistoryThanks to the Bismarck High School Young Historians Society, there is now a written record of Bismarck’s stories.

The retired high school librarian, Robin Piper has led members of the Young Historians Society to publish “The Bismarck Project: The History of Bismarck and Surrounding Areas of Antioch, Beaton, Caney, DeRoche, Jack Mountain, Marcus, New DeRoche, Oak Bower and Point Cedar, More or Less”.

The large book was published in April and contains over 400 pages. Copies are for sale at the school library and all proceeds benefit the library. The book was self published through Amazon’s CreateSpace.

“It’s a huge book,” said Sarah Smith, one of the students who worked on the book. “Ms. Piper asked me if I would like to work on the project and I said yes. We first made pamphlets for the community to use to give us their family information. After we collected the information, Ms. Piper put it into the computer,” Smith said.

“I worked on the pictures of the old Hodges house. He was the only doctor at the time. His family brought in a lot of old pictures,” Smith continued.

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