Many high schools are finding that providing laptops for all students results in teens moving forward independently and organizing their work.

Laptops For AllTeens at Central Valley High School were excited to receive laptops this year. But the excitement is  part of the story for them, as educators say that the change in instruction also provides an incentive of self propelled learning.

According to Principal Dan Pangrazio, teachers are not replaced by technology, but they have gained a valuable tool for providing instruction.

“That’s where we’re seeing technology gives us leverage,” he said. “The technology is not there for itself. What makes it powerful is to make us ever better at what we do.”

“The main difference I see is the students are reaching a higher level of thinking,” said Central Valley English teacher Kristen Ghimenti. Students now overcome obstacles such as unfamiliar words with online dictionaries, and are better organized without relying on notebooks, binders, an backpack for keeping track of everything.

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