It may seem like an early start but a Latin class for third graders will be starting this year and the kids can’t wait to open their “Prima Latina” books.

Latin Class for Third GradersThe class at Christ the King Catholic Church parish school in North Dakota is small, only 5 students. They are the first to learn Latin at their school, along with their teacher, Denelle Scheerle.

According to the Reverend Nick Schneider, students who take four years of Latin score an average 100 points higher on the verbal portion of the SAT test. He also believes that Latin instruction is important, as much of the English language and other languages have Latin roots, and it is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church.

Students begin to understand the basics of grammar in second grade, making third grade an ideal time to begin to learn Latin.

“Latin’s going to be really cool,” third-grader Eden Steckler said. “If I run into anybody Latin, we can speak it.”

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