Students who are learning disabled often find real life more satisfying than school, according to a recent study.

Learning Disabled Often Find Real Life More Satisfying Than SchoolIn a survey of students asking what mattered most in preparation for jobs and college, the surprising result was that many find real life more satisfying  than life in high school. They are often just written off, or discouraged from applying for advanced courses, or misjudged as lazy.  Yet, learning disabilities affect the largest segment of special education students, which nationally is about 42%.

For example, a student with dyslexia may succeed in honors English if the final does not involve writing an essay, but making a video or computer app instead. The process of satisfying criteria of the one size fits all measurements in the public school system often is not as satisfactory or beneficial to them as finding their place in the real world.

The survey of 1,200 recent high school graduates was conducted by the nonprofit National Center for Learning Disabilities. The survey asked participants to identify the thing that most mattered in preparing for employment and college.

According to one of the authors, Sheldon H. Horowitz, the research team “heard from a fair number that they were much happier overall being out of the school environment and on their own, doing something that was either college or work-place related where they could be the masters of their own fate”.

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