A new STEM program in middle school is a popular program, generating a lot of interest in problem solving and fun projects that build skills.

New STEM Program In Middle SchoolThe aim of the program is to help students develop a different kind of problem solving. “They’re building skills that will help them later — in the real world,” teacher Allison Hill said.

The most recent assignment was to build a three foot by one foot paper roller coaster, with loops and turns but the function of a solid structure.  It also was graded on how efficiently they used the fewest materials possible.

The Paper Roller Coaster challenge is just one of the new STEM projects for middle school students.  Previously, there was a STEM program at elementary school and high school, but nothing for middle school.

“There was a gap,” said Crestwood Principal Stephanie Nance. . “There was nothing for them at a middle level.”

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