A unique high school curriculum has students writing code, reading, arithmetic, and problem solving through building video games.

Problem Solving Through Building Video GamesAt Mechanicsburg High School, a video game program called Zulama is in its second year.  The skills involve hands on learning for real life applications students will encounter in the workplace.

Mechanicsburg Superintendent Danielle Prohaska is proud of the unique video game building curriculum which is only offered by a few schools in the state. “We think it sets us apart for a small school,” she said. “We knew it was a great fit. Connecting students to real-life applications and using content-based principles is a powerful way to learn.”

It may seem out of place, but Zulama covers several academic areas, such as math, social studies, reading, and computer programming.  Many of the students have never played board games, and the development of story and strategy is important.

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