Its an exciting opportunity for high school students, as a new STEAM lab shows students technology in real life.

STEAM Lab Shows Students Technology in Real LifeAt Weehawken High School, a new STEAM lab was opened last week, incorporating an art studio and technological tools all in one space.

Projects that students began working on included a balloon powered car, and 3-D printed keychains.

As 14 year old freshmen Tyler Williams and Angel Vives waited for their designs to print, they talked about their future plans as a computer programmer and an engineer. 

“This is our first project ever, second day with [the technology] and it’s pretty easy to use,” said Tyler.

“Yeah, I like it. I’m making myself a key chain just because I can,” added Angel.

“This technology shows them how the concepts they learn in the math classrooms and science classrooms can be used to solve real world problems or make real world designs,” said Leigh Ann Murduca, a math teacher at Weehawken High School.

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