Early morning exercise is having a healthy effect on students and adult leaders, by stimulating young minds with exercise before school.

Stimulating Young Minds With Exercise Before SchoolThe Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) program involves physical activity and nutrition that will be available in some schools. activities that help stimulate children’s minds include push ups, sit ups, and pretending to pop like a popcorn kernel.

The partnership between Plymouth Public Schools, Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital, Reebok, and teaching hospitals has begun a series of before school programs, which is voluntary for students in elementary and middle schools.

Parents and teachers are leading the way, operating classes three times a week in the fall and spring. Classes are 40 minutes and start with free play then a running exercise and a new activity such as sit ups, squats, or push ups. Then there is stretching, cool down, and discussion of nutrition.

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