A view of commissioned pieces of street art at a gallery was an opportunity to have students determine if graffiti is art of vandalism.

Students Determine if Graffiti is Art or VandalismEighth grade language arts teacher Heather Cairns assigned her students the task of writing an argumentive paper on graffiti after she learned of the street gallery.

“I thought students might have a lot to say about art, specifically: Is graffiti art or vandalism?” she said.

Cairns brought about 80 students in small groups to the gallery.  One of them, Catherine Schueller, really gave the matter a lot of thought.

“You actually see art. It’s not really vandalism. It really is gorgeous,” she said. But she struggled to determine if graffiti was art of vandalism, weighing the matter carefully for the paper she will write.

“It’s really weird. Both sides have really strong arguments,” Catherine said,. “Sometimes it’s hard to pick a side.”

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Students Determine if Graffiti is Art or Vandalism