One school district has found that summer jobs outside school help teachers bring new skills to students.

Summer Jobs Outside School Help Teachers Bring New Skills to StudentsInternships for teachers in Stanislaus County were provided through the Stanislaus Partners in Education, allowing teachers to pick their field and arrange a workable schedule.

Maria Prasad of Dutcher Middle School in Turlock spent five days working in the newsroom of The Modesto Bee.  She expected to learn more about writing skills, but found that being a self starter who can work with a team was also a valuable asset in a regular newsroom.

Art teacher Christine Publiese of Patterson High School discovered that there was much to learn about jobs in architecture.  She interviewed staff at Pires, Lipomi & Navarro Architects, created her own floor plan and built a model. These skills will be among the assignments she will give to her students.

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