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Kids Learn New Technology While Making Films

Even in primary school, the ability to have kids learn new technology while making films is impressive. There’s a media center at Black Mountain Primary School, where you hear third graders talking about stop motion, green screen, animation, and claymation. Lila...

Preschool Education Was Boosted By Grants

New full day pre k classrooms and other classes for young children are expanding as preschool education was boosted by grants recently in Columbus City Schools. The new grants from both the state and city total $1.54 million. This will enable Columbus City to expand...

What Do I Want for My Child?

What Do I Want for My Child? How many times have you heard, “I want my child to be a doctor”? This is often followed by, in no particular order, teacher, lawyer, carpenter, scientist, entrepreneur, plumber, president, athlete, actor, journalist, engineer, architect,...

New STEM Classes For Middle School

New STEM classes for Middle School are starting with the hope that eighth graders will be encouraged to develop an interest in science and math. At Tenakill Middle School in Closter, New Jersey, the students are gathering four days a week in the school library for 90...

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