Halloween is a fun time for kids and adults. For children on the autism spectrum fun can take a bit of preparation.  Here are some tips compiled from the Family Services Team at Autism Speaks to help your family have a fun and happy Halloween

  • Preparation is key! Explain in advance to your child as clearly as possible what will happen on Halloween. Teaching stories with pictures can be a big help. Make sure to stress that though some aspects may seem scary, Halloween is all about FUN!
  • Allow your child to spend time in his or her costume in advance to make sure it is as comfortable as possible for the big day. Comfort is everything!
  • Practice makes perfect. Let some of your neighbors know you’ll be coming by a couple days early so you and your child can walk through what will happen Saturday!
  • Know your child’s limits. If Halloween isn’t working out the way you planned, don’t worry. Think about the strides he or she has made this holiday, and build on that next year!autism speaks