Whether it’s building a small house out of paper or encouraging new inventions, the Build It Festival promotes using math in the real world, and ignites student curiosity.

Build It Festival Promotes Using Math in the Real WorldThe annual festival is held at Georgia Highlands College, giving 450 elementary students an opportunity to design, build, and show off their skills.

The theme this year for the two day festival is architecture. According to teacher Allison Espy, math is the focus for the central theme. Every year, teachers pick the theme and show students that what they learn in the classroom has real world meaning.

“Throughout the unit on architecture, we are trying to teach them the elementary concepts and also, with Build It, it lets them explore their own creativity,” Espy said. “This takes them out of the regular classroom and (lets them) be more innovative.”

Parents are welcome at the event, and enjoy seeing their children meet the challenge.

“I like that this is a challenge for them,” said Michael Patterson. “These kids need to do things that keep them interested and let them use their hands and creativity.”

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