Weighing, measuring, and counting seeds, a teacher has found many ways to have first graders learn math from pumpkins.

First Graders Learn Math From PumpkinsWith the help of parents, students in June Heeter’s class at  Danville Primary School weighed and measured pumpkins, and recorded results.  They removed the seeds, and counted them, adding ten to the number they counted.

After roasting the pumpkin seeds, the students tasted them and wrote about whether or not they liked them.

Finally, they carved a pumpkin, displaying jack o lanterns by the entrance to the school.

Trying out pumpkin seeds was a new experience for some of the students, as well as carving and removing the seeds from inside. Some of the students pronounced them “slimy and gross” but were willing to try them.

“A lot of the kids said they didn’t want to try them but after they did, they loved them,” Heeter said.

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First Graders Learn Math From Pumpkins