A high school is experimenting with a biomedical program as part of its Career and technical education options for students. At Whittell High School, students started the day by swishing Gatorade in their mouths, and then using a cheek swab to collect cell samples.

High School is Experimenting With a Biomedical Program“The program would give students career and technical education options if they aren’t necessarily sure what they want to do,” said Madeline Cronk, a Whittell biology teacher. “The program gives them an insight into the field; and if they do want to go into health field, they can potentially get community college credit down the road.”

The biomedical high school program could feed into training after graduation as a firefighter, medical assistant, or laboratory technician. The subject matter covers the human body, and there are lectures and hands on experiments. Cronk’s class can be taken as an elective to fulfill the science requirement.

“All of the students have responded well to the program because they like science,” Cronk said. “Some of them are interested in health career paths after high school.”

According to Cronk, if the project expands to upper grades in high school, it can adopt a “Project Lead the Way” framework, such as the one used by Douglas High School in Minden. Project Lead the Way is a national nonprofit organization that develops STEM curriculum.

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