When a teacher is passionate about the subject of American History, you can bet she’ll be immersing students in history.

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At Licking Heights Central Middle School, Carla Smith teaches social studies and her eyes light up when she talks about American history.  She wants her students to be just as excited about the American Revolution and other important events as she is.

“I have always loved history, and I want my students to become just as passionate about it as I am,” she said. “Sometimes that can be hard to do.”

Smith makes her classes immersive and hands on, and received help during a six day course she took this past summer in Williamsburg, Virginia. She received a scholarship to attend the Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute.  Recommended by her principal, she received a scholarship.

“It was such an incredible opportunity,” Smith said. “Really, it was an immersion (in history). I even had the opportunity to stay in one of the buildings on site in Colonial Williamsburg.”

At the Institute, Smith was able

New Communication Tool Helps Keep Parents in the Loop

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to join with other teachers, and network ideas for bringing colonial history to life. Some of the ideas included mapping colonial Massachusetts at the time of the Salem Witch Trials to see if the trials were the result of sincere belief or politics, and dividing students into groups to form their own Continental Congress.

“Every day we did some sort of activity, something engaging we could bring back to the classroom,” she said.

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