Perhaps the most real life opportunity for problem solving is to have kids learn math while grocery shopping.

Kids Learn Math While Grocery ShoppingFood Lion hosted a Math Night for students at S.P. Morton Elementary School, where children visited the store and completed different math problems related to shopping and what they had learned in school. The problems were designed with the children’s ages and grade levels in mind.

“We had over 100 students attend this year. It was a great turn out,” said Liz Burgess from S.P. Morton.

When the students arrived, they were asked to sign in.  They then received a clipboard and a worksheet to complete.

Younger students had problems such as counting the number of dog treats.  Older kids added, subtracted, multiplied, and divided prices of products.

Teachers were available in different sections, helping students and parents if they had any questions.

Perhaps the fun part of the evening was receiving apples as snacks for walking around the store.They also received prizes such as lollipops, bouncing balls, and coloring books.

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