The winner of a national “Gameathon” contest sponsored by the MIND Research Institute is a Mathopoly game created by kids who were encouraged to enter the contest by parents and their fourth grade teacher.

Mathopoly Game Created By KidsAs they finished fourth grade last year, Ruby Culp and Bo Brofford heard about the Gameathon competition from their teacher, Bev Maxton.  They decided to collaborate and produce a board game that proved that fractions and other math problems could be fun.

The Evening Street Elementary School students worked all summer on the game with Ruby’s father, a former math teacher. They learned last month that that they had created one of the winning games.

“I’m so proud of them that they would take this on and decide to work on it over the summer,” Principal Mary Rykowski said. “We really try to stretch all of our children into many different creative avenues and help them to think outside the box.”

Mr. Culp helped the girls with the video and the major ideas of making a board game, and then let them run with it. They made practice trials of the game throughout the summer.

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