A new engineering academy prepares students for tech careers while giving them a plan for their future.

New Engineering Academy Prepares Students for Tech Careers

At Capitol Hill’s Engineering Academy in Oklahoma City, students are up early, studying plastic cups and bamboo skewers in the school cafeteria at 8 am.  They are attempting to build a device that will let them lift a golf ball out of a cup without touching it. Capitol Hill’s Engineering Academy was founded in 2011, and is one of the largest Public Schools Career Academies in Oklahoma City. Currently, the Engineering Academy has 250 students.  The first class will graduate this year.

Recently, Capitol Hill senior Angel Martinez completed an internship with the Oklahoma City manufacturing company Progressive Stamping. He joined the academy as a sophomore.

“At first, it was just kind of a class to take, but ever since this summer, I’ve got it on my mind as a career,” Martinez said. “I like that it’s hands-on, and it lets you be creative.”

According to teacher Mike Jennings, the group of students is diverse.

“We have some students who never really had an interest in engineering and they just wanted to take the classes because their friends are, and then there is the kid who knew he was going to be an engineer or a scientist since he was 7,” Jennings said.

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