Parents and children form a bond with a fun math program, which enables them to share a love of puzzles and number games.

Parents and Children Form a Bond with a Fun Math ProgramAmy Kurtzweil has found that while she wants to nurture her nine year old daughter Chloey’s developing interest in math, homework is becoming increasingly difficult.

“I like math and I can help her, but I want to make sure I’m giving Chloey the right kind of help,” she said.

An evening program at Grant Elementary School is changing that for Kurtzweil and her daughter. Math and Parent Partners Program, or MAPPS provides enrichment activities for children, while helping parents understand the concepts children are taught in school. 

Andrea Knapp is an associate professor and director of MAPPS in the mathematical sciences department at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, which is partnering with the Marshfield School District. She says that MAPPS enhances the connection between parent and child, and encourages math confidence for both.

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