Writing a foreign language is essential to learning, and one teacher has her students using Twitter in French for just that purpose.

High School is Experimenting With a Biomedical ProgramElizabeth Jones’ students are tweeting students in France to practice conversation, writing, and learning about the lives of their peers abroad, as well as culture.

“You can write it (French) down 100 times, but you’re not going to understand it until you get a chance to use it,” said Bassett High School ninth-grader Jennifer Spencer.

Jones figured that since many of her students were already using Twitter and social media, it was a natural exercise for them to check their French accounts as well as their normal activity.

“My primary purpose is to teach the French language, but it’s hard to separate language from culture. So I bring in current events and such to help students learn as much as they can about France while learning the language — language in context,”said Jones.

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